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Laatukattila Oy - Parasta laatua biolämmitykseen vuodesta 1953
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Company presentation

Established: 1953
Turnover: 8,0 million €
Export: 40 % of turnover
Employees: 45
Chief executive officer:
Mr. Markku Lampinen
Chairman of the board, director of international sales:
Mr. Simo Lampinen

Main activity – Heating technique

Laatukattila Oy has manufactured heating boilers for solid fuels since 1953. As a result of continuing product development we have created
a system for solid fuel which automatically operates on environment-friendly gasification combustion. In this system efficiency is over 90 % and the exhausted gas generally contains less than 10 mg/MJ of dust.

Main products

Boilers, district heating plants and waste burning equipment suitable for burning wood, chips, sawdust, bark, pellets, sod peat, coal, oil, gas and solid waste. Boiler outputs from 10 kW to 8 MW.

Laka heating boilers for biomass fuels:

Laka Y - gasification combustion boiler for woodchips, bark, sod peat and other biomass fuels (pdf)
Laka PS – boiler for pellets, woodchips, sawdust, etc. (pdf)

References (pdf)

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Factory nowadays

Factory at 70's

Welders at work at 70's

Factory at 60's

Laatukattila Oy, Vihiojantie 10, 33800 Tampere | puh. 03 2141 411 | fax. 03 2121 528 | email: laatukattila(a)